Technical and engineer knowledge quiz

Technical and engineer knowledge quiz

1. What's this tool called?

a) chisel

b) screwdriver

c) pick

d) both A & B

2. The panel converts the Sun's energy into a DC electric current. Which of the following is not a similar word for 'convert'?

a) revolution

b) transform

c) change

d) alter

3. How can I describe what's wrong with this part?

a) It's cracked

b) It's bent

c) It's dented

d) It's torn


4. What is a Richter scale?

a) A scale for measuring the mass of an object.

b) A logarithmic scale for measuring seismic energy of an earthquake.

c) A scale for making angle measurement.

d) A scale used to measure Technical and engineer knowledge quiz linear distances of structures and other large objects.

15. 5. Who is this person? a) Nicolaus Copernicus b) Leonardo da Vinci c) Archimedes d) Leonardo di Caprio

Task 3. Try to solve puzzles. Write down your answer on the answer sheet.

Give x4 & get x4


Forgive and forget

kg kg kg kg kg weight

5 kilos overweight

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